Institute for Forestry and Nature Research - work done while at Behnisch und Partner, Stuttgart

A pilot project with funding from the European Union, this building gathered researchers at the Agricultural University in Wageningen in a centralized, collaborative work environment. The Institute’s scientists are engaged in work on forestry, urban landscapes, soil microbiomes, biodiversity, and climate adaptation through the world. The regional landscape structure of "polders” – small rectangular fields divided by wind breaks and canals – served as an organizing principle for the building's form. On either side of the building, the gardens reflect distinct native Dutch landscape forms, while between the office wings of the building the gardens are roofed, and the more temperate micro-climate allows for subtropical species, external circulation, outdoor meetings and chance encounters between colleagues. The lab wing to the north is the only portion of the 12,000 m2 building with mechanical cooling, while the water features and vegetation within the greenhouses (designed in collaboration with artist Michael Singer) play a key role in the environmental control.